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Food Dehydrators

We are proud to offer Exalibur® brand dehydrators for all of your drying needs! Excalibur dehydrators are the best dehydrators currently available on the market (which is why we carry them). Why is Excalibur the best? Standard round dehydrators dry from the bottom up, roasting the bottom shelf with a blast of hot dry air, which is still somewhat moist by the time it reaches the top. Thus, in order to have any form of quality control, the trays need to babysat and re-stacked several times throughout the drying process. Excalibur dehydrators combat this problem with a side-mounted drying unit that blows a uniform layer of dry air across each tray simultaneously. Standard dehydrators also use trays that have limited headroom which means that larger items often do not fit on the shelves. To the contrary, Excalibur dehydrators allow you to remove individual trays so you can easily dry those larger items. Comparison tests have shown that the Excalibur dehydrates up to ten times faster than standard round dehydrators.

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